A Vegas
There's nothing quite like Whisky Attic. sophisticated and serene, home to 600 whiskys, the attic is unmatched in america. relax & taste a flight of the best scotches or bourbons, in a classic club setting, with world-class whisky experts. there is no better place to start or end a vegas evening, for events, parties or important meetings. In a city of singular experiences, whisky attic stands alone. Freakin' Music is the Vegas venue for really talented new performers. A perfect showcase to break big in America's entertainment capitol. A cool cabaret with hot crowds for jazz, jam, acoustic and power pop all week. Never a cover to see artists you'll say you saw first at Freakin' Music. No surprise it's a prime, off-strip spot for visitors, home to the most interesting musicians and music lovers in Vegas.
1000 beers in the cooler. 600 whiskys in the attic. Best freakin music in vegas.